What Winnie the Pooh Taught Me This Week


This weekend, Zane watched The Tigger Movie on TV. For 90 minutes, I was snuggled between Zane and Shay, transported to The Hundred Acre Wood. I was in Mommy-bliss. Endless cuddles and chances to kiss soft cheeks as the distraction of Pooh and friends took over.


Then, something changed a little.  I heard myself coming out of the TV.


rabbit winnie the pooh


Rabbit likes order. Rabbit likes routine. Rabbit is fussy. Rabbit tends to freak out if plans change. He’s stubborn and overreacts when things don’t go his way. And let me tell you, when you hear your bad attitude coming out of the TV in the form of an animated character, you take notice. At least I did.


The line that really grabbed my attention was when Rabbit shouted that no one was focusing on what was really important — meaning having a clean house instead of being a friend. Hmmm.


Too often, I’ve lost sight of what really counted. I was too worried about my list, too worried about things to do to take a moment to pause. To take a moment to be patient. To take a moment to be loving. To take a moment to enjoy what was happening that very second.


Seeing that illustration of my own bad attitude so alive on the screen checked me.  I want to take advantage of those little moments with my beautiful family. It’s ok to have a messy house. It’s ok to have dirty dishes. It’s ok to have dirty laundry. It’s not worth sounding like Rabbit anymore. So I’m worrying less about my list, less about my to do’s and more about loving each moment with my boys!

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2 Responses to What Winnie the Pooh Taught Me This Week

  1. amber whitehead April 17, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    We watched this too =) I’ll have to think about who I’m most like on their definitely not Rabbit my house is clean but not spotless by any means.

    • Layne Quintanilla April 17, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

      I hadn’t watched Winnie the Pooh in forever! Flash back to childhood 🙂