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Hello, Friend!

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! My name is Layne and you’ve found my little corner of the world.

Let me tell you more about myself:

I am first and foremost a blessed child of God.

I am a wife to my incredible husband, Domingo.

I am a stay at home mama to our beautiful and busy boys, Jorryn, Zane and Shay.

I am a planner by nature. I crave lists and organization. But life isn’t always what we plan. True, complete, real life begins when we commit to the Lord and allow Him control of our lives with His perfect plans.

I really never planned where my life is now. {Ironic since I spend so much time list making!} I didn’t daydream about getting married or having babies. I certainly never imagined I would home school!

I became a young mom at 19 when I gave birth to my first son, Jorryn. When he was three, I met Domingo and we started dating. Two years later, we were married. A year later, we were excited to find out we would be welcoming a fourth member to our family. At that time, I was working full time for a bank. Four months into my pregnancy, my position was eliminated due to downsizing. I was determined to stay home full time.

I started couponing, we cut back and made a REAL budget. Thankfully, my husband also wanted me home and is a hard worker. Together, we made my unknown dream of being an at home mom a reality.

During Christmas break of 2011, we decided to pull Jorryn out of public school and home school him. He was doing advanced work at school without enough help and was also being bullied. He had reached a point of being scared to go to school and we were exhausted from meeting with the school and having nothing happen. Thus began our very unexpected home schooling journey! The very thing I swore I’d never do! Further proof that our plans aren’t always His plans.

It truly is one of the best parenting decisions we have ever made. There are days that are so long and I wonder what on earth we are doing. But the benefits far outweigh my doubts. There is nothing like getting to spend my days teaching my babies. It’s beyond school work – it’s practical skills, faith and a thousand other little things.

The week before Zane’s first birthday, we were surprised to find out we would be welcoming a third child into our family. Shocked is an understatement.

We spent the summer of 2012 purchasing our first home and then remodeling with the help of family. It was definitely a summer full of stress. The end result has been worth it!

Three weeks before his due date, Shay arrived. His lungs collapsed during his birth and we spent a week in the NICU. God showed His faithfulness over and over to us that week. Our homecoming was precious and full of joy. There is nothing like introducing a new sibling to his brothers!

Now, life has settled a bit. My days are filled with cooking, cleaning, hugs and kisses, school, projects and laundry. I am blessed beyond measure on the path that I’m on.

Thank you for joining me on the journey!

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2 Responses to About Me

  1. Sandy Cain May 24, 2013 at 9:41 am #

    What a nice life you have! I envy you! Nice that you bond with your kids, too. I breast-fed my only child until she was 2 1/2 – unfortunately, she never bonded, and we don’t speak (her choice). I’ll never see my grandchildren who are now 7 and 5. …okay, I’m done whining!!!

    • Layne Quintanilla May 25, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

      Aww, Sandy. I am so blessed! I am sorry to hear about your daughter and grandkids. God has restoration for all things though. Don’t give up!

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