Toddler Sensory Project: Marbles in Gel

Now that school is back in session, I am working to create diversions for Zane and Shay. I want to keep them happy and busy while I am helping Jorryn with projects. Zane was pretty smitten with this simple project!


toddler sensory project (1)


I started with a small, clear, tupperware container. I filled it with hair gel. Then, I let Zane pick out the marbles he’d like to use. I watched very closely to make sure he didn’t pop any in his mouth!


toddler sensory project (2)


Zane really enjoyed watching the marbles in the gel. We talked about how slow they moved, plus all the cool bubbles. I also made a second container with only marbles and no gel. Shay liked this one the best as he was able to make lots of noise! 🙂


I don’t allow the boys to play with these when I’m not sitting with them. If you want, you could super glue the lid onto the container to make sure it isn’t opened. This simple project definitely helps keep the little ones busy and distracted so Jorryn and I can work!

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