Three Ways to be Patient while Parenting

three ways to be patient while parenting


If you know me, you know I’m not naturally very patient. As in.. at all. I like things to happen quickly and efficiently. It’s that Type A, OCD coming out of me.


This is especially ironic when you take into consideration that I am the stay at home, home school mama of three boys.


And two of the three boys are very active and very headstrong. It’s too early to tell with Shay still. 🙂


If you are like me and struggle to effectively parent in the middle of a day that’s going all wrong, here are three tips I try to remember when parenting is a challenge.


1. Introduce prayer into your parenting.

No one has all the answers and children certainly aren’t born with step by step guides attached! Thankfully, we can turn to our heavenly father for help. The power of praying over your kids is huge. Not only are you speaking blessings over them, they are seeing a great example of what to do when things get rough. I always feel much better after taking a moment to pray, even if all the answers aren’t mapped out yet.


mommy timeout

2. It’s ok to take a parenting time out.

I have discovered there are very few situations that must be dealt with immediately. It’s totally acceptable to take a step back and calm yourself down. It’s much worse to lose your temper and say or do something that you’ll later regret. So instead of reaching {and passing} your boiling point, separate and take a breather. Get a cup of coffee, complete a task, or call your husband. Have a few minutes apart to calm down and then deal with the situation at hand.


3. Remember that you are parenting a good kid.

In the moments when I’m the most frustrated, I pause and think about what awesome boys I have. I remember something positive they’ve recently done and it helps put the present circumstance in perspective. We are in a temporary moment of frustration. It will pass. When I stop and remember how neat they are, it helps me focus less {and over react less} on the other stuff.


I’ve continued to learn that effective parenting is more about the how than it is the lesson. If I am a screaming, frazzled, mess that will be the focus instead of the lessons I’m trying to teach them. Taking a moment to pause and be patient can completely change the outlook of your day!


What is your best parenting tip?


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2 Responses to Three Ways to be Patient while Parenting

  1. Sherryl Wilson April 26, 2013 at 9:38 am #

    Number 3 is one that parents need to remember in the times of trouble. Children are called that for a reason. They are not adults and should be given the grace to live and learn under the protection of the parents.

    My prayer for my children has always been that their mistakes and lessons learned are not so bad that they can’t recover or have to live with lifelong results.

    • Layne Quintanilla April 26, 2013 at 10:39 am #

      That’s one of my prayers as well. That’s why I want them to have responsibilities and learn now while they’re at home, so that their mistakes aren’t major. They can learn the lessons while in protection while they’re small!