Thomas A. Edison by Sue Guthridge


We have been studying inventions and the industrial revolution in history class over the last few weeks. Which of course led us to Thomas Edison! Jorryn and I both enjoyed Thomas Edison: Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans Series) by Sue Guthridge. The story was engaging for Jorryn and it provided details and facts that we hadn’t read before. It was a great overview of Mr. Edison’s childhood and early years. Jorryn read part of the book himself and some I read aloud to him. It’s for ages 8-12 and proved to be an easy read for him, as well as being easy to understand. Finishing the book made Jorryn even more excited for our field trip to Greenfield Village later in June! We would both recommend this to anyone looking for an overview of Mr. Edison’s early life and some of the events that shaped his later years and inventions!

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