What We’re Reading This Week 10/23

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What We’re Reading This Week

  One of the best parts of homeschooling for me is reading with the boys. While we still read picture books and silly stories together, having a curriculum to follow that is filled with classic books is wonderful. It challenges us daily and opens up some wonderful dialogue. It’s also fun for me as I can remember reading some of these myself while growing up! It’s great to share these stories with the boys, especially Jorryn, and enjoy them as an adult. Here’s what we’re reading this week.

Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Young Readers: 1837-1860 (Discovering God’s Plan for America) With the current turmoil in our society and government, I often find myself moved to tears as we read Sounding Forth the Trumpet. It’s so incredible to realize what our ancestors did to establish our country. How they moved in obedience to God. It’s really sobering how easily we give up or don’t take a stand on unpopular ideas. Our country simply wouldn’t exist if the founding families reacted that way!  

Moccasin Trail (Puffin Newberry Library)

I won’t lie. I have totally gotten sucked into this read aloud! We’ve been reading a couple of chapters a day and I love it as much as Jorryn.

By the Great Horn Spoon!

This is a book that Jorryn read to himself this week. He commented that some of the “old fashioned talking” was hard to read at times, but he enjoyed the story nonetheless.

Thee, Hannah!

This book is very old – and very fun! Jorryn has commented several times it’s a “girl book” since it focuses a lot on the two main sisters in the story. BUT I think it’s good for him to broaden his imagination and read a different perspective he might not always choose. I think all the old drawings are fantastic and we enjoyed reading it together. We also enjoyed looking up words we didn’t know each day that referred to old products and recipes.

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