Praying for Our Sons

1 Samuel 1:26
“So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD.”


This week has been full of emotions with unexpected tragedies across our country.


Tonight, the second Boston bombing suspect is in custody. I haven’t had the TV on with the news because the boys have been awake, but I have been tracking the news on my phone.


With each headline, my heart breaks a little more. The destruction humans can cause each other can be devastating. Especially when there is no clear reason for it.


I was especially sad when I read the headline that the bombers were brothers.


I have three little boys. Three, wonderful, delightful, passionate little boys. God has created each of them with a plan. And He put them in a family. He created destinies for each of them that will be wound together because they are brothers. They are each others protectors and partners.


We can’t skimp on prayers for our sons, mamas. They are under attack. The devil doesn’t want them fulfilling those God given destinies. He doesn’t want them to work together for good. He doesn’t want them to lead and be warriors.


I have been so convicted this year about my prayer time over my sons. It’s not something to pencil in or do once in awhile. We are responsible for covering them in prayers. If we don’t, we are leaving them wide open for attack. And the attacks will come.


I think very few mothers would plan on their sons becoming terrorists, bombers and murderers. When you hold your baby and nurture them and watch them grow, you dream of all the things that could unfold in their lives. But you dream good dreams for them — good educations, stable careers, happy families.


But those things don’t happen by chance.


They happen by prayer. They happen because of intentional choices. They happen because you’ve turned your son over to God.


So tonight as our nation deals with the aftermath of this week, I’m reminded to spend some extra time praying over my boys. To speak words of blessing and life over them. To commit them to the Lord. And to spend an extra moment hugging them tonight.


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