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I’m having a really hard time accepting the fact that it’s August already! I am much farther behind in lesson planning than I intended to be this year for Jorryn’s home school. I originally wanted to be completely DONE by August 1, not just getting started!


Even though I have been feeling a little stressed about getting our next school year laid out, I’m excited to investigate new learning tools for us to use this coming year! I have found some great tools for us to utilize! I always appreciate something that makes my job as teacher easier and Jorryn’s job as student more engaging and successful.




One of the sites we’re both excited about is PowerMyLearning.

Registration is free and easy to set up. Just plug in your name and email address and you’re ready to go! The site offers tools broken down by subject for grades K through 12. I was impressed to see that unlike some programs, they really do offer a wide range of interests for each age! Plus, Jorryn was excited to get involved in the lesson since they were fun. I know that he retains more and does better when he is actively enjoying himself!


PowerMyLearning strives to find the best opportunities in digital learning for students. They have created an easy to use site that allows everyone to enjoy the best in learning. Some of the other features I really enjoy on the site are:

  • They promote active student participation. Even while homeschooling, sometimes I have to fight from completing work for Jorryn. I appreciated that PowerMyLearning had him actively engaged without prodding from me!
  • Their lesson plans are tied together. I can work on a group of subjects at once that tie in to each other, or I can pick and choose what we want to use.
  • They encourage the student to research things for themselves using the online research tool, which is filtered by grade level.
  • They are easy for a student to use on their own. Thanks to the their “student” set up, I am able to have Jorryn work on something on his own while I am prepping lunch or changing a diaper.


art power my learning

Jorryn enjoyed making his own kaleidoscope as part of the art program!

biology power my learning

He also learned about animals and their habitats as part of the biology classes.


If you’re looking for something to supplement your learning this year, whether you home school or not, I would encourage you to check out PowerMyLearning!


I received compensation for sharing my experience with PowerMyLearning, however all thoughts and opinions are solely mine. Please see my disclosure policy here.




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