Learning Independence {With a Little Help}

Parenting Zane is an adventure like none other. He has more spunk, brains and energy than 10 kids put together. He’s always busy, always thinking, always doing. It can be hard to get him to do what he’s supposed to do. He normally {read: always} has his own plans and ideas about how things should go. With his bright blue eyes and infectious giggle, it’s hard to be frustrated.. even when his plans don’t always turn out.

Like earlier this week, when he decided he wanted the last birthday cupcake. For breakfast.


Or when he wanted to play piano at the kid’s museum for half an hour, despite all our friends moving on to other exhibits.


I’ve learned to go at a slower pace {or sometimes faster.. depending on what he’s doing} to accommodate his personality.

Now that Zane is three, I’m trying hard to let him be more independent in daily tasks. Little things like getting his clothes on, picking up toys, taking care of laundry and even brushing his teeth. The results are usually painfully slow. There are lots of stops along the way. Usually, there are extra messes involved. But the look of pride on his face as his accomplishes what he sets out to do is absolutely priceless!

With many tasks, I try not to worry too much. But with something like brushing his teeth, I’m a little more concerned. Oral health is important! I want him to feel independent, but I don’t’ want it to be at the price of his teeth rotting. Thankfully, I’ve been introduced to a Philips Sonicare for Kids. Their new brush is perfect for kids gaining independence as it encourages them to brush the full two minutes. Here are some more benefits:

  • Patented sonic technology drives fluid between teeth and along the gum-line, gently delivering more than 500 brush strokes per second
  • Removes up to 75% more plaque than a manual toothbrush in hard to reach areas
  • Ultra-Soft brush heads are designed to gently clean and protect teeth as they grow
  • Help kids form a lifetime of healthy oral care habits for less than the average cost to treat a single cavity

sonicare kids toothbrush (1)

sonicare kids toothbrush (4)

sonicare kids toothbrush (6)

Zane loved that it arrived with stickers so that he could decorate. Once he had all the stickers put on and the unit was fully charged, we went to work. It was fun to watch his reaction to the vibrations! If you have a child who is learning to brush or needs some encouragement to be effective, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Right now, you can also stop by the Philips Sonicare Facebook page and enter to win your very own toothbrush. Good luck!



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