Eating My Humble Pie

eating my humble pie

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This morning, for breakfast, I had a rather unexpected treat. Humble Pie. Served a la mode.


Back in February, it was my moms birthday. Now, my mom can be kind of hard to shop for. So when she suggested Romantic Country magazine, my grandma and I jumped on the idea. As always, I got online and searched for a deal. I was pleased to find an almost 50% savings on a magazine deal site. I quickly snatched it up and took note that moms first subscription should arrive in 4-6 weeks.


Flash forward. My mom has still not received her magazine. A few weeks ago she asked me if I had received any updates about it. I checked the order confirmation in my email and contacted the company. They told me it was delayed and would arrive by the beginning of May.


Well, the beginning of May came and went and still no magazine arrived. So I started emailing with the company. First, I was told it would arrive by the end of June. When I said that wasn’t acceptable, then I was told it was the publishers fault, nothing they could do. When I pushed back, I was told they would contact the publisher. That would take at least 10 days. After the 10 days, I emailed again. This time their solution was just to cancel my order instead of trying to fix it. I was LIVID.


So I did something I’ve never done before. I used my social media power to get an answer.


I logged on to my blog’s Facebook and wrote a long post on the company’s Facebook wall.


The next morning, I was greeted by a response from the customer service manager. He was eager to help me get some answers. FINALLY!


Rejoicing in my success, I fired off an email detailing my plight and asking how he would fix it. I wouldn’t say I was downright nasty, but I wasn’t sugar and spice and everything nice either.


I went to bed  quite pleased with myself.


This morning, the first email I saw was from my Jason, the customer service manager. He had no record of my order under my email address or the order number provided. Was I sure it was with their company? He was still happy to help no matter what and to just let him know.


I sat and muttered while pulling up my email to send him the chain of communication I’d be in the middle of.


That’s when the pit in my stomach formed.


The logo at the bottom of the email string I had been so self-righteous in was actually another company’s.


My heart absolutely sank. I wrote on the wrong company’s Facebook wall. With my business account.


Oh. My. Word.


I emailed Jason back and grovelled. Apologized. I went ahead and cancelled my order with the first company and placed it with Jason’s company instead. I have a lot more faith that they will actually get it done for me.


So that’s why this morning I’m enjoying a nice big slice of humble pie with my coffee.


And in case you’re wondering, I would highly recommend ordering from Magazines.Com.

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  1. Fairity McCowen May 29, 2013 at 8:39 am #

    Looks REALLY yummy!!!!