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Tuesday, the day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I found the daily devotional with Kenneth Copeland to be particularly relevant. Here’s part of it:

As believers, you and I are part of a conquering army, constantly claiming new ground for the kingdom of God. Right?

Well, yes, that’s the way it should be. But just about the time the army tops the hill and is ready to advance, it seems that Satan pulls out his big gun–DIVISION–and scatters believers in every direction.

How can we strike back against the strategy of division? By launching an even more powerful attack of our own. By using one of the most powerful resources given us by the Lord Jesus: the prayer of agreement.

One of Satan’s biggest tactics is creating division amongst us. Instead of working together, we are busy fighting each other, allowing the enemy one foothold after another in our lives and our country. Not only are we busy arguing, we’re busy feeling lonely. We are isolated. We have no support system. No one in our corner. Because of this, we aren’t using our talents the way God wants us to. My strengths are great — but they are even better when put together with your strengths to further His kingdom.

We are better together. We are better as a team.

We will not all agree over every last detail. But we don’t have to. We can stand together in Christ and love each other because that’s what God has told us to do!

It starts with us. It starts now. It has to. We have to be united in order to make a difference!

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