Books We’re Reading This Week 4/17

With the warmer weather, we’ve enjoyed some outdoor reading sessions this week which has been SO nice. Not only have we been relaxing in the sunshine, we’ve had the pleasure of reading some really great books this week. Here are the titles we’ve read.

The Winged Watchman is historical fiction set during World War 2. I thought it was an excellent book that showed Jorryn more about what it was like to live through the Nazi occupation in Europe. The characters caught your attention immediately and held it throughout.

I can remember reading the The Door in the Dragon’s Throat (The Cooper Kids Adventure Series #1) by Frank Peretti when I was Jorryn’s age. He recently had an Amazon gift card to use and asked for my help to search for a new series to check out. I instantly remembered these books and how much I enjoyed them. I’m glad I did, because Jorryn buzzed through the first book this week and is already onto the second.

After enjoying the first book in this series a couple of weeks ago, we ordered Man of the Family. It didn’t disappoint. Ralph Moody’s life story is fascinating from the first page to the last.

When we first read Gone Away Lake a couple of weeks ago, I was amazing by how quickly captured I was. I was almost more excited to read the book than Jorryn was. It was that captivating! It definitely pulled on my imagination and all the things I’ve loved most since I was a little girl. So naturally we ordered the second book, Return to Gone-Away and enjoyed it this week. A definite must read!!

I love that Jorryn can go from reading historical fiction and biographies to laugh uproariously at a good book. One of his all time favorites, Geronimo Stilton is back with a new spin off series: Cavemice. Jorryn picked up Geronimo Stilton Cavemice #1: The Stone of Fire and read it in about two hours, giggling the whole time. These books are fantastic — I love the graphics, age appropriate story lines and funny characters.

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