Books We’re Loving This Week 2/15

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The past few weeks of school have felt like some of our most successful so far! I’ve been encouraged to feel like we’re hitting a good groove and making terrific headway. One of the highlights of our day is reading time. Before lunch {and sometimes during} I read some of our books aloud. Even if Zane and Shay don’t know what all the book is about, I like that we all do it together. I let Jorryn build with Legos or use one of his fidgeting toys while I read. He’s been doing a great job paying attention and has done a stellar job answering his questions once we’re finished.

Here are the books we’ve read this week — some are outloud readers and some Jorryn reads to himself.

The Great Wheel

This was a fun story about the first Ferris wheel, built for the Chicago World’s Fair. I read this aloud to the boys. Jorryn also enjoyed the pictures.

Helen Keller (Scholastic Biography)

Jorryn read this to himself. He polished it off in less than two hours. He was amazed at everything Helen Keller accomplished in her life. He said he felt really inspired after learning about her.

The Terrible Wave

This was a read aloud. The story was about the huge flood in Johnstown, PA after the dam breaks. I was surprised that I didn’t remember learning anything about this myself and enjoyed reading the historical tale.

Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers

I am still reading this one aloud. It’s a well written story, full of great stories. Jorryn’s inner cowboy is having a great time imagining as we read about the struggles of this pioneer family.

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