All Natural Tub Scrub

all natural tub scrub

All Natural Tub Scrub.


Time for me to get humble for a moment. Our tub has been gross. Like.. really gross. There was a plug in the drain, so for the last few days the water was draining really slowly. This meant that there was ample time for soap to stick to the sides and bottom as the water slowly trickled away. Which meant that I was constantly scrubbing until we got it fixed.


Here’s how gross it was.. this was just after one day!


tub scrub


Those two white dollops are the tub scrub I’m about to share with you. The dark stuff.. well, yeah. That’s scum. *Commence judgement* I promise.. it doesn’t normally look like this!


Thankfully, I tried this awesome scrub that I read about from Martha Stewart. Boy, did it work! It smelled amazing, cleaned like nobody’s business and wasn’t full of chemicals. Win! I used my stiff scrub brush and a little elbow grease and had my tub shining in no time.


clean tub


Isn’t it so much better?! I was really impressed how well this worked! Here’s the recipe:


All Natural Tub Scrub
  • -- 1 cup baking soda
  • -- five drops of tea tree oil {you could also use a citrus oil or peppermint}
  • -- 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap, like Dawn
  • -- enough water to form a paste
  1. Mix all ingredients until a paste forms. Then use a stiff brush to scrub away grime!


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